For Questions or Information Regarding CEAO's Bridge QAR Program contact:

Mark Stockman, P.E., P.S.
CEAO Federal Bridge QA/QC Engineer


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SHV Policy


Information Updates - 2/1/17

Channel Cross Section Procedure

SMS Guidelines for New Retired and Deleted SFNs

SMS Inventory Fields Required For Active Inventory


EV Load Rating Information - 1/11/17

IR Interchanges

Interchange Structures within 1.0 Mile

EV Rating PowerPoint Dec 5, 2016


Information Updates - 5/2/16

Traffic Data (Large Excel File - may take several minutes to download)

New Load Limit Sign


Information Updates - 2/5/16

Sample BR-100


Information Updates - 8/14/15

SHV Bridges POI  (Note:  Large Excel File - May Take a Few Minutes to Download)


Information Updates - 2/2/15

Old Item 69 Survey Boxes


Information Updates - 5/2/14

Install Tips for Laptop Version of SMS

Documented Engineering Judgment Guide


Information Updates - 11/4/13

Signage on Posted Bridges

BMS Coding for Special Load Rating Situations

Underwater Inspection Procedure

BMS Security

FHWA Assigned Rating Memo



QAR Information