About the CEAO

The County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO) raises the technical and non-technical
 standards of service rendered to the general public by the County Engineer and his or her
 employees by establishing a central point for reference and group discussion of mutual 

The CEAO provides conferences, seminars, and workshops to its members on selected
 subjects relating to engineering concerns and local transportation systems. Special
 bulletins about critical state and national legislative matters are frequently issued. 

Each of Ohio's 88 counties elects a County Engineer. Only persons who hold registration 
certificates form the State of Ohio as both Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) and
 Registered Professional Surveyor (P.S.) may hold the office of County Engineer. To 
achieve both accreditations requires a minimum of a college degree in engineering and 
surveying, four years of experience in engineering and surveying, and 16 hours of 
testing for each license. Ohio has the most rigorous standards in the United States for 
qualifying its County Engineers.


Since 1940, the County Engineers Association of Ohio has worked to unify its members in providing the highest quality transportation, drainage, surveying and land record keeping services. From the safe and efficient movement of people, goods and services to continuing land development needs, CEAO strives to construct solutions for many challenges to Ohio's local infrastructure.

And, job number one is the traveling safety of our constituents and the visiting, traveling public.